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In conclusion the measurement results for 30 and 100 MB file sizes are not completely reliable for the simulation, because data were apparently stored in some internal cache on the server side.
This MMX OverDrive replaces the previous version, with double the internal cache - at 32K - 57 more instructions and a 10 per cent improvement over the P150 overdrive.
Internal cache locks a datacenter into finite and usually small maximum capacity.
Technology used for decades in semiconductor processing, with metal as the top layer global interconnect, will soon run out of steam and become the major bottleneck to increasing chip clock speeds, especially in moving data quickly between the on-chip CPU cores and the internal cache memories.
Each controller supports DDR cache memory, has an IBM PowerPC 750FX processor with both level one and 512KB of level two internal cache, one Ethernet LAN port, and two RS-232C ports for out-of-band management and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) support.
The internal cache memory of each CPU core is configured as a 32Kbyte four-way set-associative instruction cache and a 32Kbyte four-way set-associative data cache.
An extremely efficient internal cache technology is employed to increase on-access scanning speed.
A leader in MP3 system design, Xware offers such features as FM radio and voice record, multi-language support, OLED display support, advanced user-interface options, and proprietary low-cost XMRAM(TM) internal cache memory.

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