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On February 27 NATO fighter aircraft intercepted one Il-20 and two Su-27s escorting it through international airspace from Kaliningrad to mainland Russia.
aircraft was operating in international airspace and did nothing to provoke this Russian behavior," a spokeswoman for Pentagon, Lt.
Laura Seal, a Pentagon spokeswoman, said "the US aircraft was operating in international airspace and at no time crossed into Russian territory".
A spokesman added: "RAF quick reaction alert Typhoon fighter aircraft were launched overnight from RAF Lossiemouth on a Nato air policing mission after unidentified aircraft were detected flying over the Atlantic in international airspace.
According to reports circulating in the Turkish media, citing a military statement on Thursday, in a separate incident Turkish F-4 and F-16 jets were also put under radar lock while they were performing flight training in international airspace for as long as 19 minutes.
NAV CANADA is the private sector air navigation services provider, responsible for the safe and efficient movement of aircraft in Canada's domestic airspace and international airspace assigned to Canadian control.
defense officials said that Washington officially deems the Senkaku region as international airspace, and that the Pentagon would ignore requests from the Chinese for U.
One possible compromise, he said, would be to let the EU ETS apply to EU and international airspace - but not US airspace to assuage American sensitivities over sovereignty violations.
It follows a US claim last month that Iranian warplanes shot at one of their surveillance drones flying in international airspace.
In November, the US said Iranian warplanes shot at a US surveillance drone flying in international airspace.
Washington insists the drone was in international airspace eight miles (13 kilometres) beyond the Iranian territorial boundaries.
Turkey says it was hit in international airspace, 1.

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