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PACAF aircrews support and demonstrate compliance with international aviation norms and behavior during the conduct of their missions--especially as it pertains to the routine, legal, and safe operation of aircraft in international airspace.
This campaign would extend maximal security jurisdiction over the East China Sea and the international airspace above it, beyond those authorities currently allowed by international law, in support of China's objectives related to security, resource control, and regional order.
A spokesman for the UK MoD said the unidentified aircraft were flying legally in international airspace and no intercept was required.
Turkey says it was hit in international airspace, 1.
Erdogan accused Syria of shooting down the jet without warning while it was in international airspace.
According to Ankara, the aircraft inadvertently strayed into the airspace of Syria, but it was in international airspace when its was shot down.
Turkey said that its unarmed RF-4E reconnaissance jet mistakenly strayed into Syrian air space on Friday, but was quickly warned to leave by Turkish authorities and was a mile inside international airspace when it was shot down.
NATO ambassadors will meet this week to discuss how to respond to Syria's downing of a Turkish jet in what Turkey insists was international airspace.
Turkey has summoned a NATO meeting for Tuesday to agree a response to the downing of its military reconnaissance jet in what it says was an attack without warning carried out over international airspace.
Turkey accused Syria on Sunday of shooting down a military reconnaissance jet in international airspace without warning and called a NATO meeting to discuss a response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
It said it shot them down in international airspace over the Persian Gulf, which would be entirely illegal since any country's aircraft are free to fly in international airspace.
For example, national carriers operating in international airspace have achieved significant financial savings.

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