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A certificate evidencing the obligation to pay an installment of interest or a dividend that must be cut and presented to its issuer for payment when it is due.

Coupons are usually attached to a document, such as a promissory note, bond, share of stock, or a bearer instrument. A coupon is a written contract for the payment of a definite amount on a specified date according to the terms of the main document from which it must be separated for presentation for payment. Each coupon represents a separate promise by its issuer to pay its holder on the due date. Failure to do so will support a Cause of Action for breach of contract.


noun allocation, card, certificate, check, cheque, credit, credit check, detachable part of a certificate, detachable portion, dividend, interest certificate, interim dividend, negotiable instrument, note, premium bond, preeium certificate, redeemable part, redemption slip, sepaaable part of a certificate, separate ticket, share-out, slip, stub, ticket, token, voucher, written instrument
Associated concepts: coupon bond, coupon book, coupon interest, coupon note
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We hope to see all Robi users browsing the web, sharing pictures, commenting on social media, reading email and doing even more on the web with the Free Internet Coupon.
As a result, some Internet coupon programs provide savings through some form of printed material for those consumers who prefer the old-fashioned way of "clipping" coupons.
The U-pons Internet Coupon initiative, developed by planet U, lets cardholders who visit the supermarket operator's web site at ralphs.
Until there is a secure way of offering Internet coupons that will minimize fraud, I don't think you will see many manufacturers running out do it.
Ralphs is excited to be the first California retailer to offer paperless Internet coupons," says Ralphs Supermarkets president Sam Duncan.
One of the most passionate groups may be the companies that produce Internet coupons, because several retailers have issued bans on their products as a quick fix.
In Atlanta, Publix and Kroger, which had been going head-to-head in a double-coupon campaign, both quit accepting Internet coupons, and Harris Teeter joined them.
In the future, this may be even easier through Web sites and new technology enabling them to modify legitimate Internet coupons.

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