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Personality variables, such as psychoticism, introversion, and neuroticism, have been found to be strongly correlated with Internet addiction (F.
Internet addiction and associated factors: A study among college students in South India.
Research on internet addiction and depression demonstrated that the overuse of the internet, which results in a disruption of the normal lives of an individual and the people around him, was associated with an increase in the frequency of depression (Kraut et al.
This baffled scenario requires evidence based upon empirical research about internet addiction and different variables related to medical students and their academic performance.
Key Words: Internet addiction, Social Support, University Under graduates.
Internet use and internet addiction disorder among medical students: A case from China.
The popularity of Facebook and other online social-networking sites has led to research on the potential risks of use, including Internet addiction.
The Internet Addiction Test (IAT) developed in 1998 prior to the widespread use of smartphone technology, is the only standard test used to measure excessive reliance on the internet.
Another study quoted around 25% of prevalence of internet addiction among students.
Internet addiction has become a global concern for governments around the world, but definitions of what it is and how it can be treated are complicated and without consensus.
Around 40% of the sample reported mild or worse levels of internet addiction - a figure which did not differ between men and women.
Internet addiction is an emerging global problem with inconsistent nomenclature, diagnostic criteria, and assessment tools.

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