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A certificate evidencing the obligation to pay an installment of interest or a dividend that must be cut and presented to its issuer for payment when it is due.

Coupons are usually attached to a document, such as a promissory note, bond, share of stock, or a bearer instrument. A coupon is a written contract for the payment of a definite amount on a specified date according to the terms of the main document from which it must be separated for presentation for payment. Each coupon represents a separate promise by its issuer to pay its holder on the due date. Failure to do so will support a Cause of Action for breach of contract.


noun allocation, card, certificate, check, cheque, credit, credit check, detachable part of a certificate, detachable portion, dividend, interest certificate, interim dividend, negotiable instrument, note, premium bond, preeium certificate, redeemable part, redemption slip, sepaaable part of a certificate, separate ticket, share-out, slip, stub, ticket, token, voucher, written instrument
Associated concepts: coupon bond, coupon book, coupon interest, coupon note
See also: security, stock
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We hope to see all Robi users browsing the web, sharing pictures, commenting on social media, reading email and doing even more on the web with the Free Internet Coupon.
Nearly 70% of Women Would Print & Redeem a Relevant Internet Coupon
An increasing number of supermarket operators have tapped into the Web to explore Internet coupons and other online marketing strategies in an effort to build consumer relationships and sales.
There is growing concern over Internet coupons," says GMA's Allen.
Acacia Research Corporation (Nasdaq:ACTG) announced today that its subsidiary, Internet Coupon Solutions LLC, has entered into a settlement and license Agreement with Valassis Communications, Inc.
National Health) (OTCBB:NHPR), a leading provider of unique discount healthcare membership programs, announced today that it has entered into a revenue sharing agreement with Internet Coupon Exchange, Inc.
In the last couple of months alone, the company has terminated its agreement with Trident Marketing International and announced new business agreements with Internet Coupon Exchange, TotalHR, Consultancy Services International, America's Professional Services Association, the Troy Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Polish American Congress - Michigan Division and a 200-member union group, as well as several other organizations.
He decided to create a Web site that collected Internet coupon codes, giving online shoppers one place to check for coupons before making a final purchase.
Flushes, tires, alignments, check engine light questions and much more are all on offer when drivers search through the list of internet coupons.
Internet coupons might be a great way to save money on toilet paper and cereal, but discounts on cosmetic procedures like wrinkle-smoothing Botox injections or chemical peels - which aren't covered by health insurance - have some in the medical community concerned.
There is almost a polarizing effect," says Upchurch, noting that some consumers are embracing mobile and Internet coupons and promotions, while other shoppers still want to pick up the sales circular when they walk through the door.

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