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The main contributions of the paper are dealing with presentation the method that connects such problems as: interpolation, extrapolation, modeling, numerical methods and probabilistic methods.
In Section 2 we present two different expressions for the Laurent polynomials of Hermite interpolation whose nodes are the roots of complex unimodular numbers.
There are many different interpolation techniques, and a comprehensive review is beyond the scope of this work.
Kriging is a geo statistical interpolation method that utilizes variogram which depend on the spatial distribution of data rather than on actual values.
It is required to find interpolation polynomial coefficients [P.
Spatial interpolation theoretically depends on the first law of geography, i.
It can therefore be well approximated by the linear interpolation of quite few samples.
Key words: method of grids, matrix equations, interpolation polynomials, method of uncertain coefficients
Therefore, we used to test the performance of the interpolation methods in analysis, the original data of [Al.
The first of them was way back in 1982, an intimate workshop on interpolation theory with some 10 participants.
Surprisingly, little systematic research has focused on the distribution patterns of the impacts of rainfall variability in terms of mapping its spatiotemporal impact using the modern GIS techniques such as Kriging interpolation technique.