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The larger interpupillary distance to a certain extent, the greater is the angle of visual disparity and the greater is the stereoscopic potential [16].
Main outcomes of the eye examination included spherical lens, cylindrical power, axis, interpupillary distance (IPD), and vision.
Outercanthal, intercanthal and interpupillary distances: Outer-canthal distance, inner-canthal distance and interpupillary distance are commonly used in assessment of hypertelorism.
The objective of the present study was to determine the correlation between the interpupillary distance and combined mesiodistal width of maxillary six-anterior teeth in the study.
Binoculars adjust to fit the interpupillary distance, and feature 8x magnification with fully multicoated lenses.
1) When telescopic lenses are manufactured, they are polished to a specific optical center, matching the clinician's unique interpupillary distance, The interpupillary distance is, as the term implies, the distance between the pupils.
An interpupillary distance lock allows you to set and lock the eyepieces to match the distance between your eyes--great for one-handed use.
The two eyepiece (ocular) lenses are pushed as widely apart as possible (because I want to see if the student can adjust the oculars for his/her interpupillary distance and then look with both eyes).
An interpupillary distance lock allows users to lock eyepieces into place to match the distance between the eyes.
Most binoculars are jointed in the middle to allow adjustment of interpupillary distance but the laser must make that impossible, so the left eyepiece pivots over a little more than half an inch.
The natural accommodation was to design sturdy hinge systems that allow you to adjust for your particular Interpupillary Distance (ID), which is the center-to-center distance between your pupils.
Eye relief distance is 25 mm and interpupillary distance is between 58 and 72 mm.