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A recent study of college students' openness to interracial dating revealed that half of the students sampled were open to interracial relationships (Knox, Zusman, Buffington, & Hemphill, 2000).
56) Certainly, not all interracial relationships crumble in the face of these obstacles.
It should also be noted that Wilder's patriotic transgressions did not need to show interracial relationships in order to become censored.
As a result of this detailed and structured process, the following topics emerged: (a) Identifying Student Race and/or Ethnicity, (b) Perceptions of Interracial Relationships, (c) Specific Needs of Multiple Heritage Adolescents, and (d) Multiple Heritage Counseling Techniques.
Wanhalla further argues "New Zealand has a distinctive history of hybridity where male newcomers entered into interracial relationships, contributing to the development of a hybrid population that was welcomed and celebrated by officials and Aboriginal peoples, and that this history of intermixing is not as well known as the social worlds and societies created out of the North America fur trade.
to question heteronormativity, whether implicitly or explicitly, as the association of transgressive interracial relationships with queerness and homosexuality became a definitive feature of bohemian life, most noticeably in the Harlem Renaissance, but also in modernist texts such as Gertrude Stein's Melanctha.
While black men have long felt free to choose white mates, he notes, black women are "more segregated in the intimate marketplace than any group in American society: They view interracial relationships as too complicated and see partnering with black men as an expression of a larger commitment to the race itself; often, black women aren't as attracted to men of other races as they are to black men.
Section 3, devoted to cultural identity and ethnic relations, consider topics such as interracial relationships in English Colonial fiction, the novels of J.
Pascoe effectively demonstrates that laws governing interracial relationships served as mechanisms to determine and uphold notions of "difference.
The pathologizing of interracial relationships is damaging to those who are members of "mixed race" relationships and families, and to those of interracial parentage.
In part two, "The Southern Kitchen Romance" Bibier explicitly challenges scholars to more "adequately [address] the homoerotic dimensions of women's interracial relationships in southern literature" (126).