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After randomization, ISC participants were contacted by interventionists who reviewed the purpose of the study and answered questions (for example, implications of random assignment, roles of interventionists, duration and nature of intervention, study benefits, and risks) to reduce attrition (Phillips et al.
However, the treatment utility of the ECI with early interventionists using the measure independently of the developers has yet to be demonstrated.
Following IRB approval, eleven interventionists consented to participate in this study.
Will interventionists ever learn that our meddling, far from helping to solve overseas crises, generally exacerbates them?
But intervention isn't--there are no state or federal mandates around certification, licensing, or credentialing of interventionists.
Despite this wealth of research, no empirical investigations of emergent literacy intervention practices of early interventionists who provide support to young children with visual impairment and blindness have been published to date.
The unilateral interventionists still hold the reins of power within the GOP, largely because their champions dominate the West Wing and the Department of Defense.
Even if the United States spent the trillions of dollars needed to depose-directly or indirectly--the remaining tyrants in the world (and there are a lot of them left), the voracious security bureaucracies would think up new threats to justify an interventionist foreign policy and to maintain defense spending at levels exceeding Cold War averages.
In and out of the administration, interventionists smeared their opponents as mouthpieces of the Nazis, cogs in the Nazi propaganda machine, or, at best, "unwitting" tools of fascism.
Mahl labels all interventionists as unwitting allies, "collaborators" (a term he uses very consciously), or agents of the British.
However, little is known about the perspectives held by early interventionists (practitioners who work with children), regarding the need for and overall efficacy of individual and systemic multicultural practices.
sup][3],[4] These problems puzzle many interventionists, and no solution has been proven to be applicable to every country.

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