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The description of a person who dies without making a valid will or the reference made to this condition.


adj. referring to a situation where a person dies without leaving a valid will. This usually is voiced as "he died intestate," "intestate estate," or "intestate succession." (See: intestacy, intestate succession)

INTESTATE. One who, having lawful power to make a will, has made none, or one which is defective in form. In that case, he is said to die intestate, and his estate descends to his heir at law. See Testate.
     2. This term comes from the Latin intestatus. Formerly, it was used in France indiscriminately with de confess; that is, without confession. It was regarded as a crime, on account of the omission of the deceased person to give something to the church, and was punished by privation of burial in consecrated ground. This omission, according to Fournel, Hist. des Avocats, vol. 1, p. 116, could be repaired by making an ampliative testament in the name of the deceased. See Vely, tom. 6, page 145; Henrion De Pansey, Authorite Judiciare, 129 and note. Also, 3 Mod. Rep. 59, 60, for the Law of Intestacy in England.

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Many people are unaware that existing wills are revoked on remarriage, which means there is a risk that people will die intestate," she said.
If you find yourself the executor of someone's will or the person responsible for an estate where the deceased dies intestate, then a solicitor will be able to provide you with practical help and guidance to make sure that matters are dealt with quickly and with a minimum of further distress to those the deceased has left behind.
The average age of death of people who die intestate is 68 - an age that is below the documented average life expectancy
The beneficial interests in the Liquidating Trust are not certificated, will not trade and will not be transferable or assignable, except by will, intestate succession or operation of law.
And if a person who has minor children dies intestate, a judge chooses the legal guardian, noted Gilliland.
Nineteen years ago this month eccentric billionaire filmmaker and industrialist Howard Hughes died intestate leaving an estate worth in excess of $2 billion.
QOUT of the blue, a firm of genealogists contacted me when my mother's cousin died intestate.
If you die intestate - without making a will - the State decides how your money is shared out.
After December 31, 2000, certificates representing the Company's common stock will not be assignable or transferable on the Company's books, except by will, intestate succession or operation of law.
No additional transfers will be recorded after that date except by will, intestate succession or operation of law.
A man who claims his elderly bachelor brother did not know what he was doing when he signed away his pounds 2 million fortune is facing an anxious wait to see whether a judge will declare he actually died intestate.
If you die intestate your property will be inherited by your family in accordance with a formula laid down by Parliament.