Intestate Succession

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Intestate Succession

The inheritance of an ancestor's property according to the laws of Descent and Distribution that are applied when the deceased has not executed a valid will.

intestate succession

n. the distribution when a person dies without leaving a valid will and the spouse and heirs will take (receive the possessions) by the laws of descent and distribution and marital rights in the estate which may apply to a surviving spouse. Collectively these are called the laws of intestate succession. (See: intestacy, intestate)

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Nowadays, according to the contemporary Romanian law, during an intestate succession, a spouse is regarded as one of the legal inheritors of a deceased person and has the right to at least % of the inheritance.
Intestate succession varies depending on whether property is characterized as separate, community, or quasi-community.
A person leaving only a codicil implicitly acknowledges intestate succession for all belongings that are not left to legatees.
testamentary transfers and intestate succession regulated and negotiated
Johnson challenged the definition of "spouse" in Alberta's Intestate Succession Act (ISA) because it does not recognize same sex or common law relationships.
None of the brothers and sisters would be entitled to anything if there were surviving parents who would, according to the rules of intestate succession, receive the estate.
The corpus passes to the beneficiary under the terms of the applicable trust instrument rather than by will or state intestate succession laws.
Subsequent to the filing of the Articles of Dissolution, the Company's common stock was delisted from the NASDAQ Global Market on the Effective Date at which time the Company instructed its transfer agent to close the Company's stock transfer records and to no longer recognize or record any transfers of shares of the common stock after such date except by will, intestate succession or operation of law.
As such, certificates representing shares of our Common Stock will not be assignable or transferable on our books except by will, intestate succession or operation of law, and we will not issue any new stock certificates, other than replacement certificates.
Written in a conversational style, the reference covers theory and practice, with brief explanations in sections on intestate succession, wills, estate administration, nonprofit transfers, trusts, and other estate planning concerns.
Nevertheless, knowledge of the rules of intestate succession and the issues raised by these rules is essential to the estate planning process and in understanding a client's choices when drafting wills.
If there is no will making a provision for a common law spouse or same sex partner, the law in Alberta is that individuals named under the Intestate Succession Act would be the beneficiaries in any estate left.