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The endoscopic intragastric balloon (IGB) was first proposed by Nieben and Harboe [5] in 1982.
FDA had also issued a letter to health care providers in February this year that recommended that they keep a watchful eye on patients undergoing weight loss treatment using liquid-filled intragastric balloon systems.
US-based bariatric weight loss solutions provider True Results has completed the first non-surgical True Balloon procedure with the Orbera Intragastric Balloon in Texas, USA, the company said.
Effectiveness, safety, and tolerability of intragastric balloon in association with low-calorie diet for the treatment of obese patients.
In severe cases, the painful option is surgery that is performed or an intragastric balloon is placed to reduce stomach volume and or bowel length, leading to earlier satiation and reduced ability to absorb nutrients from food.
We report a patient who presented with an acute abdomen 7 months after the insertion of an intragastric balloon (IGB) and discuss the current literature.
The intragastric balloon procedure is used mostly as a short-term measure, and involves a small silicone balloon being placed inside the stomach through the mouth and oesophagus.
In other studies of presurgical endoluminal therapy, the intragastric balloon developed by BioEnterics Corp.
In addition, evolution of non-invasive surgical equipment such as intragastric balloon system, StomaphyX, cold laser shaping, and cry lipolysis have made the weight loss procedures safe and effective.