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Keywords: Motivation, intrinsic motivation, academic achievement, Secondary School Teacher (SST)
Intrinsic motivation is an inherent tendency within an individual to seek out novelty or challenge in order to further extend one's capabilities and learn (Deci & Ryan, 2000), and it may account for an individual's natural desire for mastery, spontaneous interest, and a fundamental need to explore (Ryan, 1995).
2012), intrinsic motivation (Yli-Piipari, 2011), importance of PE (Grasten, 2016), PE enjoyment (Barkoukis et al.
Here, it can be deduced that intrinsic motivation has the highest value (M = 4.
Keywords: Construct validity, Extrinsic motivation, Gender, Intrinsic motivation, Motivation, Science Students
Students with positive level of intrinsic motivation may show better results and higher level of satisfaction (Ayub, 2010).
feedback, communications, rewards) that are conducive toward feelings of competence and autonomy during action can enhance intrinsic motivation for that action (Ryan & Deci, 2000).
However, students with higher intrinsic motivation are found to be more effective because "if students adopt learning goals such as making reading inferences then they can engage in deeper, more self-regulated learning strategies and perform better, particularly in the face of challenge or setbacks" (Ames, 1992 p.
Keywords: performance appraisal satisfaction; extrinsic incentive; intrinsic motivation
Faculty development programs must include strategies to shift faculty members' inherent focus from externally motivating/de-motivating factors of salary and promotions to a mode favoring internalization leading to intrinsic motivation.
Intrinsic motivation is the most self-determined form of motivation, and refers to performing a behavior for its own sake because it is inherently satisfying, of interest, or enjoyable.