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2016), reciprocal introgression line (IL) (Wang et al.
Performance of root-related traits in reciprocal introgression line populations in MH63 indica background for Al3+ stress Toxicity
For instance, introgression lines with the gene Ppd-H1 from exotic barley have a significantly shorter photoperiod response (Von Korff et al.
The genotype of individuals from introgression lines is described by the original paternal genotype, the number of introgression generations followed by the original maternal genotype.
In the present study, the stabilized introgression line NM24016, displaying significant introgression from G.
In conclusion, improvement of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid contents in desi x kabuli introgression lines of chickpea through induced mutation is not useful approach for heath point of view.
However, some data suggested that fiber strength might not always segregate in a quantitative manner, the inheritance analysis of some introgression lines particularly suggested this.
In an effort to map these CAPS and SCAR markers on the tomato molecular linkage map, SCAR18f/r, SCBC792f/r, and SCBC792f1/r primer pairs were used to amplify the DNA samples from a set of 50 introgression lines (ILs) (Eshed and Zamir, 1994; Zhang and Stommel, 2000).
Similar convergent patterns have also been observed for Gossypium introgression lines (Wang et al.
Linking root traits and grain yield for rainfed rice in sub- Saharan Africa: Response of Oryza sativa x Oryza glaberrima introgression lines under drought.
Physiological characterization of introgression lines derived from an indica rice cultivar, IR64, adapted to drought and water-saving irrigation.