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Nine respondents added that material in inverted commas is not also detected by the software.
Evacuating campy tatters from a dressing-up box of obsolete European culture, it knowingly tacks extra frills of scare quotes onto the inverted commas already in place.
Trying to find resources for Jane Austen gave the same number of hits whether or not inverted commas or Boolean logic was applied and the results were not all relevant.
In fact, I treat is as the beginning of inverted commas.
The terms are in inverted commas here because, as Head demonstrates, these are slippery terms, not fixed and defined by law, but open to political and opportunist definition and manipulation.
In writing this piece we have consistently placed the word 'hologram' in inverted commas but in neither of the announcements related to these two developments is the technology so described.
I use inverted commas around the word "designs" because these coins have not really been designed at all.
For instance, an expression which keeps recurring in the work is' regular pastoral drama', but sometimes 'regular' is set between inverted commas (e.
She puts the training received so far by the rangers based at Baniyala in inverted commas (a favourite device).
Occasionally, attempts to sound like young people are somewhat grating; also some words are put in inverted commas or explained in brackets (do young people need to have the word 'ceasing' explained for them?
poets of the decade" although she is not listed in the index or bibliography; Jameson is quoted without inverted commas in the text and then with inverted commas in the notes; speakers such as Ribh in some dramatic poems are identified as Yeats.