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Investment grade does not mean graduation, however.
Horejsi Trust has stated that it intends to abandon PCA's investment strategy of investing in California investment grade tax exempt securities if it obtains sufficient shares in the tender offer.
While their respective answers do not differ significantly from some of their peers and may not be cause for immediate concern for bondholders, Fitch remains mindful of the intermediate-term event risks that bondholders of newspaper companies continue to face; particularly of newspaper companies with higher investment grade ratings.
NEW YORK -- Fitch has affirmed PIMCO's 'CAM1-' investment grade corporate collateralized debt obligation (CDO) asset manager rating.
In addition, there is a special section that evaluates the potential for 'BB' category Latin American sovereigns to reach investment grade.
At issuance, Fitch considered six loans to have investment grade credit assessments.

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