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I've been asked whether Invincibles are born that way, or if one can learn to be one of 'The Invincibles,'" notes Schade.
Maybe tomorrow I'll find that flea market Invincible.
For whatever reason, Middleton and the second buyer chose not to have a 28 Invincible built.
My dream is to uncover an Invincible with a 26-inch barrel, straight grip, in 28-gauge and take that gun wherever I want and shoot it.
But who would carry an Invincible through brush and briars or into a soggy blind?
The South Carolina Invincible showed up when the owner, by then an old man, sent the gun to wellknown Parker expert Larry Del Grego for repair.
A special order Invincible in 1930 would have cost $1,250.
Gary Herman, who owned that Invincible from 1969-1972, also said there was only one Invincible and any others were adaptations of the A-1 Special, Parker's top-of-the-line model.
The Invincible was supposed to be the best of the best.
The three in Fairfax all share identical engraving and inlay and if one is a documented Invincible, they all must be.
For years, there was a persistent story one Invincible was "lost.
But Arsenal boss Wenger (above), whose side famously went unbeaten through the 2003-04 campaign, said: "There is only one team since I have been in England that has been invincible.