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Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Zubin Irani and Union Social, Justice and Empowerment Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot have been appointed as the special invitees to the Aayog, added the statement.
The event was attended by Major General Matar bin Salim al-Balushi, Commander of the Royal Army of Oman, Rear Admiral Abdullah bin Khamis al-Raisi, Commander of the Royal Navy of Oman, a number of undersecretaries, senior SAF offices, some ambassadors of the friendly and sisterly countries, members of State Council, Majlis A'Shura and invitees.
We must not forget as well that the seven invitees also bring tangible security assets to the Alliance.
Despite inclement weather, 50 percent of the invitees attended.
E-card recipients, online community invitees, and anyone who is accessing your Web site should be able to request additional information by simply clicking on a link that allows them to inquire about camp and its programs.
UCLA freshman shortstop Brandon Crawford has been added to the list of invitees to the USA Baseball National Team Trials.
The flight information board was switched on by several invitees, including TV personality and actress Rei Kikukawa, who has appeared in commercials to promote the airport.
Intense conversations took place at each table as over 650 invitees discussed questions posed by the organisers: 'Most of our schools, like our neighbourhoods, are segregated by socioeconomic class and race.
In Muise, the court determined that "the physical circumstances of the way are such that members of the public may reasonably conclude that it is open for travel to invitees or licensees" thereby bringing the way within the bounds of the statute.
The notable invitees for upcoming shows are Mubadala Group, Macquarie, RWE and Deutsche Bank.
Pakistan side during the interaction with the road show invitees updated them that Pakistan has recently launched new Petroleum Policy2012 and copies of the Policy were given.
The branch, which was opened after renovation on the third day of Ramadan, provided Ifthar to the invitees by around 6.