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Russell Goodwayaphobia - an irrational fear of smugness.
In the second, they deprive the company and themselves of an exceptional employee due to what may be an irrational fear.
An irrational fear of glitter, of all things, means she cannot touch even her husband or two children.
SUFFERERS of paraskevidekatriaphobia - an irrational fear of Friday 13 -will be preparing for the worst this week.
And last month it was decided that the law should not award damages for psychiatric injury "resulting from an irrational fear of contracting a disease where their risk is characterised as remote".
EVER since discount retailer Wal-Mart bought Asda, City dealers developed an irrational fear of Americans.
He was in the grip of irrational fear and thought the sedatives would help him.
Shona, of Tullibody, Clacks, has sought medical help and even asked members of her local church to pray for her to help exterminate the irrational fear.
People with an irrational fear of weapons, particularly firearms, think that it is the weapon that causes the crime.
Henry Oldfield (Meister) has an irrational fear of sheep and, after 15 years of therapy, he returns to his family's farm to sign over his share to older brother Angus (Feeney).
His son Andy Stewart, a 36-year-old truck driver from Castle Vale, said his father's irrational fear of hospitals and lack of understanding by staff could have led to his death.
Senator Terry Leyden - who said Ireland's anti-discrimination laws had to be rewritten - highlighted "an irrational fear and prejudice".