point of no return

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On Starboard's Lack of Trust in Management and the Board to Make This Critical and Irreversible Decision to Separate Red Lobster:
The Yemeni people has made an irreversible decision to build its modern civil state based on the principle of justice, equality, partnership and equal citizenship and to draft a new political system with the participation of all its citizens, without discrimination or exclusion, Hadi said.
I think, given the fact that the election of the president by popular vote is an irreversible decision, Mr.
For such a major and irreversible decision, human-to-human contact needs to be crystal clear.
Bob Bullivant at Annuity Direct, which specialises in fixing OMOs for clients, said: "The gap between the best and worst annuity on a pounds 100,000 pot can be pounds 750 a year - and once an offer is accepted, it is an irreversible decision.
Yet this will be an irreversible decision and most certainly not a route which many of us in Wales have any wish to go down.
is an irreversible decision," he said in a statement carried by the official SUNA news agency.
We're not going to know until we've put enough CO2 to make an irreversible decision," he added.
There are times when, in spite of all the effort, one cannot find what one is looking for and, thinking in the well-being of the Ecuador team, I have taken the irreversible decision to resign," said Suarez.
The irreversible decision had been made: the floodgates of innocence were drowned and the anarchy within unleashed of an insecure pop idol worshipper (Blair) in curious alliance with a man who deeply feared his own aggression (Bush)'.
He believes that more time is needed to allow the euro to "bed down" before Britain makes its irreversible decision.