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Kaposi's varicelliform eruption complicating irritant contact dermatitis.
However, among persons in occupations such as health care in which frequent handwashing is required, long-term changes in the skin can result in chronic damage, irritant contact dermatitis and eczema, and concomitant changes in flora.
Problems with latex products were first reported as an irritant contact dermatitis by Downing in 1933.
Adults with atopic dermatitis also have a predisposition toward irritant contact dermatitis, especially if they are in occupations involving frequent hand wetting or hand washing or exposure to chemicals.
Irritant contact dermatitis is the least threatening type of latex reaction and is classified as a nonallergic skin reaction.
In April 2006, the FDA provided clearance to market EpiCeram[R] to improve dry skin conditions and to relieve and manage the burning and itching associated with various dermatoses including atopic dermatitis (eczema), irritant contact dermatitis, radiation dermatitis, and other dry skin conditions by maintaining a moist wound and skin environment.
These 224 “misdiagnosed” patients had the following skin diseases: unclassified eczema ( n = 132), irritant contact dermatitis ( n = 11), allergic contact dermatitis ( n = 42), photosensitivity dermatitis ( n = 4), autosensitization dermatitis ( n = 13), seborrheic dermatitis ( n = 24), lichen simplex chronicus ( n = 20), prurigo ( n = 2), corticosteroid-dependent dermatitis ( n = 2), unclassified eczema and irritant contact dermatitis ( n = 22), and unclassified eczema, allergic contact dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis ( n = 2).
1) Irritant contact dermatitis (ICD) predominates as the most common etiology of diaper dermatitis.
Irritant contact dermatitis (ICD) is a disease with multi-factorial causation where both exogenous (irritant and environmental) and endogenous (host) factors play a role.
INTRODUCTION: Blister Beetle Dermatitis is also known as Paederus Dermatitis, is a type of irritant contact dermatitis with history of sudden onset with erythematous vesicobullous lesions on exposed areas of body.
Twenty women experienced irritant contact dermatitis after use of a chemical relaxer.
Symptoms of latex allergy include irritant contact dermatitis, which is of the nonimmune type.