Issue roll

ISSUE ROLL, Eng. law. The name of a record which contains an entry of the term of which the demurrer book, issue or paper book is entitled, and the, warrants of attorney supposed to have been given by the parties at the commencement of the cause, and then proceeds with the transcript of the declaration and subsequent pleadings, continuances, and award of the mode of the decision as contained in the demurrer, issue or paper book. Steph. Pl. 98, 99. After final judgment, the issue roll is no longer called by that name, but assumes that of judgment roll. 2 Arch. Pr. 206.

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ISLAMABAD -- Parents of 10th class students have blamed the management of Islamabad Model College for Boys (IMCB) G10/4 for charging exorbitant charges to issue roll number slips to appear in board examinations on account of disciplinary grounds.
Earlier, admitting the main petition, the judge suspended the operation of an order of the GCU vice chancellor through which the BISE was requested not to issue roll number slips to the students.
For instance, the demand that its first issue roll off the presses less than four months after the project's inception was, by any industry standard of the time, unreasonable.
On the recommendations of the committee chairman RBISE has issued orders to the concerned quarters to issue roll number slips to the students in the age group below 13 years to appear in 9th class examination.
The court ordered BISE to issue roll number slips to the aggrieved students but BISE management was of the view that the slips would be issued to only those students who were in the petition.
Meanwhile, the chairman has also instructed the authorities concerned of the board to issue roll number slips to all the students of educational institutes which are under the affiliation process with the board so that their precious year could be saved.
Every time The Advocate's music issue rolls around it's a safe bet that classical music will be totally unrepresented [April 22].
This issue rolls out a brand-new back page concept called You Crack Us Up, showcasing reader-submitted funniest wedding photos.
Speaking of deadlines, the Alaska Legislature will have gaveled in by the time this issue rolls off the presses--and our legislators have a lot of work to do before the session ends.
By the time our November issue rolls off press, the Coatings World staff is usually recovering from autumn's busy travel schedule--including back-to-back ICE and NPCA annual meeting attendance--and from doing our regular issue and three live editions of the ICE Show Daily.
Sir John Pilcher, ambassador to Austria, moaned in 1963 that official issue rolls were too hard.
As our annual review and outlook issue rolls around again I'd like to offer some good news, but the only good news appears to be that there isn't a huge amount of bad news.