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ISTHMUS. A tongue or strip of land between two seas. Glos. on Law, 37, book 2, tit. 3, of the Dig.

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4) In cases in which there is involvement with the isthmus, an isthmusectomy or partial thyroidectomy may be necessary in addition to the Sistrunk procedure, if the tract is present, for adequate removal.
On top of the lack of a familiar orientation and location, horseshoe kidneys are joined by a fibrous isthmus in the midline and are frequently supplied by aberrant and numerous vessels.
Between 1880 and 1889, a French firm, Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interoceanique under Ferdinand de Lesseps--who had built the Suez Canal--began construction of a canal across the Panamanian Isthmus.
One factor that makes this new phase of the crisis worse for the isthmus is the "currency war" (guerra de divisas), which is making capital flows to the region increasingly volatile.
Analysis of the mechanism of lateral impact aortic isthmus disruption in real-life motor vehicle crashes using a computer-based finite element numeric model: with simulation of prevention strategies.
In addition, the assay results from hole 11DDH119 drilled for hydrological purposes at the Isthmus Region is considered significant as it provides additional assay data that will be included in our next resource estimation for the area".
Mexico's Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the narrow strip of land that
The construction of wind farms has soared across Mexico, with the gusty Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the state of Oaxaca attracting investors from as far as Europe, Japan and Australia.
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Isthmus The island is being sold for brothers Norman and Angus Mackay by CKD Galbraith from their Inverness office.
The airport is located on the isthmus that joins Gibraltar with Spain and is approximately 500 yards from the town of Gibraltar and a similar distance from the village of La Linea de La Concepcion (Cadiz) Spain.