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Gradient iterations for the Rayleigh quotient which use the Euclidean gradient [nabla][rho](x) are well known to converge poorly if the condition number of A is large [5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 23, 28].
Because less documentation is usually done, and you are managing the development in separate phases and those phases involve separate iterations ("sprints" in agile), looking out beyond the next three to five iterations is very difficult.
Users can scroll through releases or iterations, create, edit, and re-rank stories and defects, as well as drill-down to update the status of work items and tasks.
n]) is some iteration procedure which converges to p.
These methodologies typically build in project flexibility by adding or removing entire iterations, rather than specifically structuring iterations that consist of features of various priorities.
Hence the total no of iterations will be 3 and the total number of comparisons will be 3 + 2 + 1 = 6.
8) (using the more satisfactory definition of Xu [23] and that these iterations without errors are all equivalent for (uniformly) Lipchitzian strongly (successively) pseudocontractive maps in an arbitrary real Banach space without assuming boundedness of T in any form.
Execution histogram shows the number of iterations executed at a certain time.
In short, there is plenty of evidence to support dividing projects into smaller, more manageable iterations.
World-class finance groups, for example, rely on a single chart of accounts, use half the bank accounts of typical companies and do fewer budget iterations.
An illustration of computer die design involving several iterations, similar to die trials, is shown in figure 6 for a simulation using the Polyflow code.