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DEAN, eccl. law. An ecclesiastical officer, who derives his name from the fact that he presides over ten canons, or, prebondaries, at least. There are several kinds of deans, namely: 1. Deans of chapters. 2. Deans of peculiars. 3. Rural deans. 4. Deans in the colleges. 5. Honorary deans. 6. Deans of provinces.

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James Dean ( The Eagles: "You were the lowdown rebel if there ever was, Even if you had no cause.
James Dean's films:Giant (1956) Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean Plot: Epic Western which tells the story of a family and its rivalry with cowboy and oil tycoon Jett Rink.
Unique screenings of the digitally restored James Dean films East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant, including the US premiere of James Dean: Forever Young on the world's largest outdoor screen utilizing the brilliance of Christies digital projection systems
He adds, a bit tongue-in-cheek, "I hope we can leave one seat open for James Dean so that perhaps he will be there to watch the production.
Two years ago, James Dean Bradfield donated pounds 8,000 to Velindre - the hospital where his mother, Sue, was treated until her death in August 1999.
John Burnett, charities campaign manager at Velindre, told the Echo: "It is very appropriate and kind in view of the very sad news regarding James Dean Bradfield's mother, who we did know here briefly, that the band are considering the importance of the Velindre charity's work.
CMG and the James Dean estate authorized Kam to create more than 20 pieces (both oil on canvas and pastel on paper) and limited-edition prints ranging in size from 18"x22" to 24"x48".
The only person who gets that here is Ice Cube, who plays one of the biker gang leaders pursuing our hero Ford (Martin Henderson, making Paul Walker look like James Dean by comparison).
James Dean Bradfield on their name: ``I started busking in Cardiff just for myself, just to get better at the guitar and singing, but also to earn money as well.
MANIC Street Preachers Nicky Wire and James Dean Bradfield have lent their support to axed CORUS workers.
Her Giant (1956) character was torn between closeted screen icons Rock Hudson and James Dean.
John Knits, House of Dereon, Ellen Tracy, Tommy Hilfiger, Donald Trump, James Dean and sports licenses with the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Louisville Slugger, NASCAR, World Poker Tour and more than 60 universities nationwide.