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His previous experience working closely with David Decker and our research team will result in a smooth transition of Janus Contrarian Fund portfolio, and positions the firm to offer alternative products that are a natural extension of our fundamental investment philosophy.
The Janus allocation products are built to match our clients' specific risk tolerance and designed to be diversified among asset classes and investment styles.
One of the things we believe differentiates Janus is our integrated fixed income-equity research model, which allows us to analyze a business in its entirety and make better informed credit decisions.
John Schreiber, assistant portfolio manager of Janus Fund*, will manage the new offering.
Decker has been the portfolio manager of both US-based Janus Special Situations and Janus Strategic Value since their inceptions in December of 1996 and February of 2000, respectively.
Janus filed a registration statement today for a new fund, Janus 2, which is a diversified fund that will seek long-term growth of capital by investing primarily in common stocks.
Bitzer joins Janus from Systematic Financial Management, LP where he served as managing director.
Craig's responsibilities, which include the day-to-day management of the investment team and all affairs related to the investment process at Janus.
It will be a 'stock picker's fund' in the purest sense," said Janus Chief Investment Officer Jim Craig.
Gross, who has been with Janus since 2006, is a former U.
Janus Universal Funds - Twenty Fund Will Focus On a Core Portfolio of 20 to 30 Stocks
At the end of June 2008, Janus managed approximately $191.