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INTERPRETER. One employed to make a translation. (q v.)
     2. An interpreter should be sworn before he translates the testimony of a witness. 4 Mass. 81; 5 Mass. 219; 2 Caines' Rep. 155.
     3. A person employed between an attorney and client to act as interpreter, is considered merely as the organ between them, and is not bound to testify as to what be has acquired in those confidential communications. 1 Pet. C. C. R.. 356; 4 Munf. R. 273; 1 Wend. R. 337. Vide Confidential Communications.

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With time, the combined unit gains of software VM interpreters and Java VM extensions to ISAs (Instruction Set Architectures) will reduce the value of VM accelerator cores and will motivate their providers to extend their usefulness beyond Java or even replace Java VM with other functions.
Rosonix selected aJile's JNIB Java technology M2M edge controller as a Zigbee gateway for our health management system, an application that requires extremely high reliability," said Rosonix President Mitch Huang.
The combination of LG experience and innovation with SavaJe's Java technology has resulted in a high performance platform that is applicable to handsets for GPRS, EDGE, 3G and beyond.
However, until some concerted efforts last year by Sun, Java was a less attractive platform for aggregating and distributing content than Qualcomm's BREW and only gained its lead over that software through its advanced security model and wider range of supported phones, not through a functional lead.
Sun continues to prove that Java technology is the mobile game development platform of choice, through its ongoing commitment to the developer community and leverage of innovative enabling technologies like Mpowerplayer(TM) on Java.
OpenFusion RT for Java is PrismTech's new real-time CORBA-compliant ORB for the RTSJ.
The JRTK hard real-time product complements the capabilities of the industry-leading PERC(TM) soft real-time Java platform.
Because Java is an intrinsic part in the development of software within many organizations, the static analysis advantage of finding defects earlier in the build cycle will become increasingly important in order for Java developers to be successful.
Winning this award from Java Pro's readers validates our longstanding commitment to providing developers with technology for tightly integrating reporting into every application," said Lance Walter, vice president of product marketing at Business Objects.
WindowBuilder products install into Eclipse-based IDEs, including IBM WebSphere Studio, and provide a sophisticated, easy-to-use Java GUI construction environment.
to bring Java technology programmers together for coding, competition, and fun.