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But before the first family of Irish jockeyship, their father, Tommy Carberry, my first hero in racing, was something of a legend.
There is a lot more to jockeyship than just using the whip.
With a couple of notable exceptions, the standard of jockeyship on the Flat in this country leaves a good deal to be desired.
Jockeyship is a huge factor on the National course and I always make a point of keeping whatever Paul Carberry rides onside as, Ruby Walsh aside, he's in a totally different league to any other rider here.
I played piggy-back rides with him to teach him the art of jockeyship.
The changes introduced in the UK last month were, and in our view still are, compromising the art of jockeyship.
Jockeyship is so important in these races and 'Slippers' Madden and Davy Russell will do for us.
This is the second time Ballinrobe has brought the very best in jockeyship to the region.
Sure, we've long run-ins on several courses, but the new rule can only make jockeys think more about the job and therefore it will improve the art of jockeyship.
Jockeyship could play an even greater role than usual in the closing amateur race (5.
Better jockeyship would have overcome that, but the horse's relative lack of acceleration meant there was something to overcome.
These two very different examples of outstanding jockeyship demonstrate why we must, within reason, trust our jockeys and allow what has, historically, been an essential part of racing to remain.