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Dr Wright explains: "Henry Purcell, perhaps England's greatest ever musical genius, and his contemporary John Blow, had a wealth of instrumental talent at their disposal.
Expect to hear music not just by Purcell and Arcangelo Corelli, but also John Blow, Matthew Locke and Giovanni Legrenzi.
Five Songs from Harmonia Sacra, heard here in its world premiere recording with harp (the score calls for either piano or harp), consists of realizations by Britten of 17th- and 18th-century originals by a group of English composers: William Croft, Pelham Humphrey (two of the five songs), Jeremiah Clarke and John Blow.
Occasionally things hit rock bottom, when there is an hour of choral music by Frank Martin or Alessandro Scarlatti, or 90 minutes of vocal John Blow.
Recital of Restoration Sacred and Secular Songs by Henry Purcell, John Blow and Pelham Humphrey.
Equally impressive is Bruce Wood's work on John Blow.