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from left) Natwest's Simon Caunt, Warren Southall, Sue Ford and John Ford.
A great deal of Ford scholarship has appeared since then: Gaylyn Studlar and Matthew Bernstein's John Ford Made Westerns (2001), Scott Eyman and Paul Duncan's John Ford: The Complete Films (2003), and Peter Cowie's John Ford and the American West (2004), as well as major Ford biographies by Eyman (Print the Legend, 1999) and Joseph McBride (Searching for John Ford, 2001).
Southeastern Utah pioneers Harry and Mike Goulding invited Hollywood director John Ford to Monument Valley during the Great Depression.
Monsarrat, Professor of Languages at the University of Burgundy, in Dijon, France, arguing successfully that the Elegy bore marked resemblances to John Ford Christ's Bloody Sweat and The Golden Mean, both published in 1613.
Frank Capra, and John Ford, three of the greatest film directors of the 20th century, were all practising Catholics.
ACCUSATIONS that legendary Irish director John Ford lied about his 007-style wartime adventures have finally been shot down - almost 30 years after his death.
His evocation of Monument Valley is an imaginary one, with panels simultaneously depicting the Hoover Dam, dancing Hopis and Navajos, John Ford shooting the 1956 film The Searchers, saguaro cactus forests, and desert highways stretching off into the far distance.
Boomerang Blade's owner-breeder John Ford waxes similarly lyrical
The Searchers," with an indelible image of the American frontier and the men and women who challenged it, stars John Wayne and was directed by John Ford.
John Ford, the North Wales Road Runner who has taken a host of veterans prizes over the past couple of years, has run Marathon Eryri every year since 2007.
Nostalgia will be in the air and John Ford Coley (pictured) and Terry Sylvester will have plenty of hits to draw on when they perform at Mechanics Hall at 8 p.
Carey's career spanned more than 50 years and included such John Ford classics as She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, The Searchers and The Long Grey Line.