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A joint tenancy is also not suitable if you have a family from an earlier marriage and wish to leave your interest in the property to them, instead of passing it to the other co-owner.
This section outlines the basic devices of tenancy in common and joint tenancy.
Now he's told Anglesey council he wants his name off the joint tenancy for the house, which was specially adapted for his mobility needs.
I know that I'm with my present girlfriend because she is very well off and we have a joint tenancy on a really grand flat.
In 2006, Dorothy, now remarried, sold those assets for a profit of $100,000 and deposited that money into three accounts held in joint tenancy with her new husband Thomas.
The situation gets muddy in that there are California cases holding that property held in joint tenancy may be "joint tenancy for convenience only" and really community property.
Yes, he had a will, medical and financial durable power of attorney documents, and his property was in joint tenancy, but he had no protection against creditors.
Jane Bell, 26, who has joint tenancy of the pub with her sister Victoria, said: "It was always a good pub and we never had any trouble when we ran it before.
6 million shares; Greenberg Foundation, 989,308 shares; Greenberg Joint Tenancy Co.
Let's take a look at what Jack might have to face in his quickfix planning effort and the creation of a joint tenancy with his daughter.
Ms Sorrie, an estates and trusts specialist, explained: "A notice is prepared to 'sever' the joint tenancy, and, in their wills, partners leave their half of the home to their family through a life interest trust, which is limited to permanent residence for the surviving partner.
A Birkenhead man with a joint tenancy has hit back at the tactic, saying it has exposed them to attacks from the public and takes no account of a large rent rises.
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