Joint stock banks

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JOINT STOCK BANKS. In England they are a species of quasi corporations, or companies regulated by deeds of settlement; and, in this respect, the stand in the same situation as other unincorporated bodies. But they differ from the latter in this, that they are invested by certain statutes with powers and privileges usually incident to corporations. These enactments provide for the continuance of the partnership, notwithstanding a change of partners. The death, bankruptcy, or the sale by a partner of his share, does not affect the identity of the partnership; it, continues the same body, under the same name, by virtue of the act of parliament, notwithstanding these changes. 7 Geo. IV., c. 46, s. 9.

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The SSC and the State Bank of Viet Nam would assess the status of joint stock banks to make plans for their listing.
Officially coming into operation on 17/01/1990, and after more than 24 years of establishment and development, Eximbank is now one of the largest banks in terms of shareholders' equity among the commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam.
Soured loans were seen across all categories of lenders, including state run lenders, joint stock banks, rural banks and foreign banks.
As one of the policy banks, this customer is transforming itself into becoming more like a commercial bank and competing directly against the big four banks and other major joint stock banks in China.
Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Vietnam Eximbank) was established in 1989 and was among the first commercial joint stock banks with leading operational scope, financial capability and service quality in Vietnam.
LIKE many of your readers I am angry that the joint stock banks continue to treat us, the general public, with such appalling contempt.
Rapid economic expansion in the latter half of the 1970s, combined with the 'Saudisation' of foreign banks resulted in the creation of several large corporations and joint stock banks.
The number of joint stock banks and foreign banks has risen sharply since the early Nineties.
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