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The only intrinsic purpose remaining in life is completion of the circuit: "And the cycle continues, joltingly, of flight and bivouac, in an Egypt without bounds, without infant, without mother" (p.
And when he wen t on safari in Africa, his jittery pictures reflect both the exhilaration and the horror of the hunt; as a sequence, they feel joltingly filmic but almost hallucinatory--a trip.
The Light of a Day that is Dead," the picture is joltingly subtitled, and the obvious prosperity of the woman is plainly in tension with a tragic sense of waste whose source remains outside the frame of the picture.
Hopkins' figuration starkly, almost joltingly, calls attention to the contrast of black and white and the water's coursing and splashing.
A New Age young woman with a plan to capitalize somehow on the mystical and semimystical in this world, Katy brazenly saunters into Bland's neat little life with a song and a dance that he joltingly leaps out of character to buy into.
Prince and Lee have gone deliberately, joltingly old-fashioned: the scenery is moved by the African-American actors who play stevedores.