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She desired him and he desired her' (Qur'an 12:24): Abd al-Ra'Uf's Treatment of an Episode of the Joseph Story in Tarjuman al-mustafid.
The Joseph story finds its most congenial context in the wisdom tradition of biblical literature and faith.
The Joseph story may raise a more difficult challenge to forgiveness.
In each of the three pairs of dreams in the Joseph story, one dream focuses on grain or grain products (40.
Jackson adviser Amos Kendall declared it "a proud day for the people," but Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story said, "the reign of King Mob seems triumphant.
Joseph Story, a Supreme Court justice nominated by James Madison, wrote in his Commentaries on The Constitution of The United States, "Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens.
The most conspicuous objector was Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story.
Dillard's unveiled its new restaurant, 1600 Bistro, last week and welcomed more than 900 employees and guests to the grand opening that also acted as a benefit for the "heart fund," as Dillard's vice president Joseph Story called it.
The court of chancery, which hears equity cases, was specifically created to deal with problems that the criminal courts were unable to address, see Joseph Story, Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence, as Administered in England and America, 4th ed.
Dunne, Justice Joseph Story and the Rise of the Supreme Court 179 (Simon & Schuster 1970) (observing that "the association of Congressman Daniel Webster and Mr.
But the point of the Joseph story is not merely a validation of Israel but its universalism -- Joseph's ability and willingness to use his God-given talents as an administrator for the good of both the Jewish and Arab people, to refuse to be a prisoner of the past.