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Dominic Sewell, English Heritage's expert jouster, said: "Jousting isn't easy.
Sarah takes part in competitions all over the world, and became the highest ranked female jouster in the world
We're in a press room at Madison Square Garden in New York, where Shane Adams, the show's genial ringmaster and a champion jouster himself, has arranged to put on a demonstration at halftime during a bullriding event.
Ripper Moore of Dexter, a professional jouster for 16 years and two-time world champion, coaches the Red Team in the series that was filmed last summer and early fall in Jackson, Miss.
The first exclusive clip for the series shows the jousters practice for the real fight by getting hit by three aluminium bats, while in the second clip a jouster is seen getting back up after taking what is described as a "devastating hit".
The basic premise of the film is that medieval jousters were like modern sports heroes, able to 'change their stars' and attain great wealth and celebrity, and Helgeland cites William Marshall, born into the lower ranks of nobility, who becomes regent of England, as his model for William.
JOUSTERS and jesters will take centre stage when a college hosts a medieval banquet this weekend.
Jousters and giant turkey legs are back for the 46th year of the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, which takes place weekends through May 18 at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale.
Jewelers, salad-sellers, jousters, melon-pickers, paladins, necromancers: all sell their wares with virtuoso performances that at a surface level are absolutely explicative, setting out goods and services for sale, while at the subtext is a riot of transgressive sexual metaphors, promising genital and anal and artificial penetration and praising the beauty of each: "We have precious stones, as big as broad beans, firm and shiny, but we keep them under key.
The jousters, members of a professional re-enactment group, were using lances with balsa wood tips, designed to break off on impact with an opponent's shield.
Here and there, Spitzer and his cavalry of legal jousters come across as power-crazed bullies.
Decimated by years-long battle losses, the knights have coalesced into warring fiefs--Lancelot's, Mordred's, Arthur's--with shifting alliances, their blood-hatred appeased only temporarily by the appearance of jousters or surrogate enemies from a nearby village.