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JUDEX. This word has several significations: 1. The judge, one who declares the law, quijus dicit; one who administers justice between the parties to a cause, when lawfully submitted to him. 2. The judicial power, or the court. 3. Anciently, by judex was also understood a juror. Vide Judge.

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Judex Tshibanda remembers Ali coming to box with the local children.
The coaches of both athletes namely Messrs Judex Bazile (boxing - Rs 80 000) and Joseph Mounawah (judo - Rs 40 000) were also rewarded.
Koh and his coworkers at UIC collaborated with Stefan Judex of Stony Brook to investigate whether the same technique might improve wound healing in diabetes.
176) The Court has therefore appealed to itself to reconsider the Delhi High Court judgment, (177) which is a clear and substantial violation of the cardinal principle of judicial propriety--nemo judex in re sua, i.
Some "core" due process rights are today recognized as rules of customary international law, including the fundamental axiom nemo debet esse judex in propria sua causa (no one may be a judge in his own cause), (footnote omitted) (128)
7 GEORGES FRANJU, JUDEX (1963) It was the Surrealists' belief that film might allow things to live on after death.
The winners are to be considered outstanding examples of viable impact sourcing models, and constitute a working template for assisting others globally in creating a scalable impact sourcing business model," said Angeline Judex, Executive Director, GSC 3S Awards.
debet esse Judex in propria causa'--no man ought to be a judge of
Even in the United States of America where the doctrine was taken from, the judex had shown in Baker (supra) that the end is near for the doctrine.