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Pursuant to your question (as per my understanding), it may be noted that since you have secured an order of payment of the outstanding rent for the leased premises, you have the right to execute or enforce the order against the judgment debtor, which in your case is the tenant.
District Court Judge Eldon Fallon to appear in court on July 17, 2014 for a Judgment Debtor Examination as to the default judgment, Taishan fired its attorneys and refused to show up.
the customer owed no debt to the judgment debtor and possessed no
A court can enter a "charging order" against the transferable interest of a judgment debtor (member or transferee) for payment of the debt with interest.
135) The judgment debtor asserted the continued relevance and applicability of the English approach to recognition.
Creditors often believe that once a judgment is obtained, the judgment debtor will in turn pay the debt.
However, where the judgment is a lien on the real properly of a judgment debtor, then the lien is only valid and enforceable for ten years.
Saudi Arabia, for example, will refuse to enforce a money judgment absent a treaty, and would require the plaintiff to commence a new action against the judgment debtor.
that "if a judgment debtor does not currently have property in [the forum], a judgment creditor should be allowed the opportunity to obtain recognition of his foreign-money judgment and later pursue enforcement if or when the judgment debtor appears to be maintaining assets in [the forum].
The trailers were recently bought from Brawn GP by the judgment debtor and really are something special.