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It has been announced that there will also be discussions on the judicial immunity of international organizations and the rights of their staff, the European Convention on the Profession of Lawyer, as well as the strengthening of international regulations prohibiting trade in products used for torture and death penalty.
According to him, governor accused of corruption after office get judicial immunity, while politicians charged with corruption presented themselves for public office in every election circle with some of them becoming senators, making laws for this country.
For the same reason, he also failed to respond to a motion to dismiss the judge from the case on the grounds of judicial immunity.
East Cairo Prosecution renewed detention of a judge accused of killing a civilian named Mo'men Saad in a building in Nasr City for 15 days pending investigation and ordered lifting his judicial immunity, according to state-run Al-Ahram newspaper.
The Supreme Judiciary Council agreed to withdraw judicial immunity of the accused judge, who was referred to prosecution.
Morocco calls for respect of everyone of the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and mentions the principle of judicial immunity of states, enshrined in international law, which is necessary for a peaceful international relations, the statement concluded.
But the judge can not be detained nor taken into custody because of the judicial immunity he enjoys according to the constitution," Kholodnytskiy wrote.
The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said that the recognition and enforcement of the politically motivated and in absentia rulings of the US courts, which have been confirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada's Ontario State runs in contradiction with the international commitments of the Canadian government per the principles and rules of the international law on judicial immunity of governments and their properties.
The Head of State welcomed the abolition of judicial immunity and introduction of their declarations of revenues and expenditures.
He slammed the US court ruling as a "blatant violation of mutual contract obligations such as the 1955 treaty between the two countries, as well as US international legal commitments on the judicial immunity and inviolability of the assets and properties of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Abdel-Dayem Zumrawi, the second special prosecutor who also held the post of justice ministry undersecretary, has reportedly complained about the decision to grant judicial immunity to some of the individuals investigated.
then judicial immunity [granting a judge complete protection from personal liability while exercising their judicial functions] cannot be mentioned.