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SULTAN. The title of the Turkish sovereign and other Mahometan princes.

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Jumbe says that IOM workers begin calling and gathering those wishing to evacuate only when the ship approaches the port over high threats for their security.
Furthermore, Jumbe (2004) also found bi--directional causality between energy demand and gross domestic product in Malawi using the error correction test.
Jumbe N, Louie A, Leafy R, Liu W, Deziel MR, Tam VH, et al.
The Finance Minister, Friday Jumbe, claimed earlier this year that the country had almost reached a position where external and domestic debt servicing payments were equal to government income.
In addressing the audience, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, the Honourable Friday Jumbe, stated that the smart card project will eliminate irregularities experienced in the payment of salaries and wages to Government employees.
President Peter Mutharika is reportedly hiring New Labour Party President Friday Jumbe as its CEO.
Our team is in touch with the family and is trying to arrange its transportation to the port," IOM spokesman Jumbe Omari Jumbe is quoted as saying.