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Jamie Bostron (Yardrock Junglist Foundation, Totally Dubwise Recordings, Electrikal), NoFace (Electrikal), Tez (Jungle Nation), Chris Recon-Upfront Clark, Pj Coyle (Drum Machine Glasgow), Blair Bosk and Beans BOSK Clubnight, Dominic Petrie (Xplicit),Twob (BassTonik), Rize, Pharo & Tuscan Whale (Frogbeats), Peter Rabbit (C4 Soundsystem), Samurai Breaks (Eden Festival), Case One (Booty Shake Records) Phonograph (Future Funk Music) are playing alongside the residents JMD, Anikonik, Mrs Magoo and Al The Kemist, and hosted by MC's Bass Monkey, Conscious Route, Nick Hamilz and AC DOG (MC AC), This runs 2pm to 2am at Mains Castle in Dundee on Saturday.
She popped it in a plastic bottle to show to her fellow junglists.
Out in Oz it's more a case of Antony Get Your Gun, because surely it's time Worral-Tomthumb put himself and the rest of the junglists out of their misery.
We both agreed that while most junglists were cobbling together interesting tracks from disparate sources, Squarepusher had managed to create entire movements.