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Dozens of cities responded, and dozens of juntas were formed in the next few months to raise funds to help repel the French invaders from Mexico.
A number of volunteers, such as Jests Hernandez, a Mexican immigrant living in San Luis Obispo, publicly offered to fight the French, even asking the juntas to provide weapons and transportation to Mexico.
Rodriguez, who explained in his cover letter to Mexico's Ministry of Finance that "the Mexicans living in this country have formed juntas patrioticas for the purpose of collecting donations for the distinguished Army of the East.
The minister stated that the juntas' efforts would receive public recognition in Mexico: "It is ordered that the correspondence from this juntas, and this reply, be published, so that all the nation may properly appreciate at its true value the patriotic zeal of its worthy children in Alta California.
The juntas helped California's Latinos--many of whom literally were digging wealth out of the earth--divert a small portion of their earnings to the republican cause in Mexico.
A newly organized junta generally announced its founding by communicating its acta de organizacion to La Voz de Mejico or, after June 1864, El Nuevo Mundo, which became the semi-official organs of the juntas in California and Nevada.
Some juntas elected female officers to contact other women, as did the junta in Sacramento, which, upon electing an all-male board, "immediately provided that the junta commission two ladies to collect voluntary donations among the ladies of this capital .
Local juntas also raised funds for local activities, such as the celebration of Mexican Independence Day, and accountability for these uses was kept at the local level.
While the San Francisco and Los Angeles juntas could boast of prominent members among them--foreign consuls, businessmen, physicians, artists, editors, poets, writers, and the like--members of most juntas worked with their hands.
Yet in spite of their low income and long working hours, "they have continued organizing themselves into juntas patrioticas in all the towns.
The published activities of the juntas patrioticas during this era suggest a population informed about civic responsibilities and engaged in local, national, and international affairs.
The Spanish-language press mentions 129 locations for organized juntas patrioticas in California, Oregon, and Nevada in the years between 1862 and 1867.