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JURE. By law; by right; in right; as, jure civilis, by the civil law; jure gentium, by the law of nations; jure representationis, by right of representation; jure uxoris, in right of a wife.

JURE, WRIT OF, Engl. law. The name of a writ commanding the defendant to show by what right he demands common of pasture in the land of the complainant, who claims to have a fee in the same. F. N. B. 299.

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Beloved wife of Colin, loving mam of David, Adrian & Jurai and Christopher & Emma, also a devoted granny.
At the Gala Concert of the opening ceremony, the RAI Orchestra, conducted by 36-year-old Slovakian maestro Jurai Valcuha, will perform at Turin's Arturo Toscanini Auditorium and broadcast live on RAI-TV5, Radio-3 and worldwide via RAI-TV International.
He changed his name to Daitenku Taro Jurai and settled down as a garlic farmer in Shingo, seven hours by road from Tokyo.
Married with a son and daughter, Sawaguchi's claims are based on a set of documents, which show that Jesus arrived in Aomori at the age of 21, where he took the name Daitenku Taro Jurai, studied the Japanese language and developed a deep affinity for the country and people.
The Opening Ceremony will feature the "Gala Concert of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra," conducted by maestro Jurai Valcuha at the Arturo Toscanini Auditorium.
The series will be awarded to all Arab Radios after all series aired by the end of Ramadan, said Saad Al Jurais, The Director of Riyadh Radio.
Nesse ensaio, os autores partem do pressuposto de que a força constitutiva do Estado é necessariamente homogeneizante e jurisdicionalmente niveladora, disso deduzindo que a quebra de fidelidade às esferas jurais das casas Capuleto e Montéquio, representada cenicamente pelo amor trágico de Julieta e Romeu, seria a condição de possibilidade para a estabilidade tanto da soberania do príncipe Escalo quanto do corpo político da fictícia Verona.
As demandas por prosperidade, durabilidade e estabilidade institucional de uma Universitas dependem de que as suas esferas jurais ou corpos jurisdicionais sejam socialmente eficazes e cooperativos (entre si e com a autoridade soberana central).