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Our Managed WiFi solution creates a secure and reliable network for K-12 schools and libraries as they adapt to the changing technology needs of today s students.
With two product suites, the Blackboard Academic Suite([TM]) and the Blackboard Commerce Suite([TM]), Blackboard is used by millions of people at academic institutions around the globe, including colleges, universities, K-12 schools and other education providers, as well as textbook publishers and student-focused merchants that serve education providers and their students.
The Milwaukee voucher program, enacted in 1990, is the nation's oldest publicly funded K-12 school choice program.
For instance, the National Technology Institute for School Counselors, founded by Hartman, began delivering tailored professional development to K-12 school counselors nationwide in 1999.
The group has been formed to help improve collaboration among the four public sector business units to better address the needs of the public sector, including local and regional government, K-12 school districts and public safety agencies.
New higher education options will open for your disabled students, and K-12 schools may add similar functionality to their own sites.
This report describes the partnership between Carl Sandburg (Community) College (CSC) district and local K-12 schools in Galesburg, Illinois.
The combination of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements with Lenovo ThinkPad notebook and ThinkCentre desktop product lines will provide students and faculty at both K-12 schools and higher education institutions with a powerful digital imaging and video editing solution.
LunchBox is currently one of only seven USDA-approved software products that can be used by school districts to implement Nutrient Standard Menu Planning (NSMP), a guideline for K-12 schools in the U.