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We're delighted to officially launch TELES USA at this year's Fall VON event," stated David Kamrat, CEO of NWBD.
David Kamrat, CEO of New World Brands, commented, "These results demonstrate the initial success of our new strategy, which is focused on the sale of higher margin products and services while better controlling overhead and expenses.
Kamrat added, "We firmly believe that the new direction of the Company will ultimately provide increased value to both our existing and new shareholders.
2006 was a major transitional year during which we repositioned the Company to address a huge opportunity: the transition of the vast SME (small and medium sized enterprises) market to next-generation IP telecommunications," commented David Kamrat, IP Gear's Chairman and CEO.
Commenting on the announcement, David Kamrat, Chief Executive Officer of New World Brands, said, "5W's media and investor relations strategies will be of tremendous value as our operating division, IP Gear, looks to grow its diverse product lines.
David Kamrat (now also CEO of New World Brands) said, "We are very excited to be able to move our business from a pink sheet company into a higher profile bulletin board company.