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The oldest parts were penned by the Vils kapellmeister, Johann Huter, and parts were continuously added later to complete sets of music for new kinds of instruments or players new to the ensemble.
Before coming to Leipzig Bach had spent some years (1703-17) as court musician and Konzertmeister to the Duke of Weimar and later from 1717 to 1723 as Kapellmeister to Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Kothen.
It is clear that he was a church musician operating in the longstanding tradition of a Kapellmeister that would have been recognized by Bach or Haydn.
Salieri, the powerful Kapellmeister who descends into madness and obsessively plans to destroy the more gifted newcomer, recalls Saul, the first King of Israel, tortured by the "evil spirit" and relentlessly pursuing young David.
The composer had been born in modern Austria, but many relevant sites and archives were over the borders, particularly the seat of the Esterhazy family where Haydn spent many years as Kapellmeister.
Thomas Church, where Bach himself was kapellmeister.
Kapellmeister looks guaranteed to try to lead, while the likes of Cinematic, Inch Lodge, Peruvian Prince and Trifti have all been known to race prominently, so the chances of Jim Crowley being able to bag an easy lead, and set a slow pace to help his mount stay the trip, are slim.
After he was appointed assistant to the Cathedral Kapellmeister at St Stephens with no pay, Mozart started to feel ill in Prague, while finishing La clemenza di Tito.
Not content to hand the kids plain sugar sticks, and apparently friends with, or related to, a candy maker, the resourceful kapellmeister had the candies bent into "shepherds' hooks" for the especially long living Nativity event.
Sawallisch arrived in Philadelphia as music director after years as a conductor in Munich, and he has always represented the best of that category known as the Kapellmeister, or solid professional musician.
Dabei hatte Thomas Mann wie auch sein Hanno Gelegenheit, Intendant, Kapellmeister, Schauspieler, Zuschauer zu sein--so wie Richard Wagner in Bayreuth.