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CARAT, weights. A carat is a weight equal to three and one-sixth grains, in diamonds, and the like. Jac. L. Dict. See Weight.

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We are very confident, let more rounds of counting complete, our leads are going to get much bigger," Brinda Karat told ANI.
The price of the 21 Karat English Pound gold coin was set at SYP 55,100, and the 22 karat gold coin at SYP 57,100, while the Syrian gold ounce at SYP 241,200.
There is a possibility of a non- Congress, non- BJP government," Karat said.
Karat sought not to just highlight a less-talked-about aspect of political corruption, untouched by the protests by the now-disbanded Team Anna, but also singled it out as a key challenge for Left politics.
Today karats are rarely eaten in Micronesia because imported foods have grown in popularity.
Zunde began the event, which also heralded the commercial entrance of the 74 Karat press into the North American market, by citing the keen vision of Karat's parent companies, Scitex Corporation and Koenig & Bauer AG, for seeing the potential for a new breed of offset press.
6 ( ANI ): Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Brinda Karat on Tuesday poked fun at Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and said that latter and his party produce new pack of lies wherever they go.
The price of one gram of 21 karat gold was set at SYP 6,700 and that of one gram of 18 karat gold is SYP 5,743.
That's why we the leaders of the 11 parties resolved today to work together," Karat said at a press conference in New Delhi.
CPM leader Brinda Karat, who led the protest on Monday, later decried the police action.
The new website offers a variety of Kingold's higher-end 24 karat gold products which are designed and manufactured in-house at Kingold's facility in Wuhan.
28 -- Communist Party of India - Marxist (CPM) general secretary Prakash Karat has more than one reason to love the United Kingdom.