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Pandas at a zoo in China's southern city of Guangzhou will keep cool this summer in a newly opened ice park.
He and the eventual third Keep Cool made their ground down the outside but Keep Cool, who was beaten four and a quarter lengths by the winner, did not have the best of runs.
ae is offering residents top practical tips on how to keep cool, while improving the energy efficiency of their homes.
The challenge for Madeleine is to keep cool and calm and not let Jiminy panic.
People "lose too much water in other ways--breathing, sweating to keep cool, processing waste.
Del Monte, the UK's leading fruit expert is adding two fantastic new smoothie products to its popular healthy ices range, helping people keep cool and trim.
People trying to keep cool during the three-week heat wave did a lot of looking -- and some buying -- at Valley malls.
In warm months, light colors such as pink, ice blue or peach can help you keep cool.
Investors worried about new volatility in bonds, real estate and stocks due to rising interest rates need to keep cool if they are going to avoid making costly mistakes, according to a warning issued recently by three investment advisors from across the United States.
The BBC's Bill Giles predicts a warm July with the best of the sunshine early and late in the month so, as the temperatures soar, you'll want to make sure you keep cool indoors.
Gramps knows it ain't easy to keep cool when trying to get aboard, day or night, but it sure helps if you can develop a "steady as she goes" mindset when making corrections on the approach.