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Keep cool Freeze your dog's Kong toy with a tasty filling, make a pet friendly ice lolly or treat horses to an ice lick.
To help you keep cool, shut windows and pull down the shades.
Callum, from Sheldon, says he needs to keep cool because his blood sugar levels rise when he gets very hot.
In a hot car, dogs are not able to cool themselves down as unlike humans they pant to keep cool - leaving a window open won't keep the car at a temperature where panting is effective.
Summary: Pandas in a zoo in China's southern city of Guangzhou will keep cool this summer in a newly opened ice park.
Keep cool with a delicious Cadbury's 99 ice cream - free for every reader.
He and the eventual third Keep Cool made their ground down the outside but Keep Cool, who was beaten four and a quarter lengths by the winner, did not have the best of runs.
So her assistant had to hold a giant floor fan so she could keep cool.
ae is offering residents top practical tips on how to keep cool, while improving the energy efficiency of their homes.
The challenge for Madeleine is to keep cool and calm and not let Jiminy panic.
People "lose too much water in other ways--breathing, sweating to keep cool, processing waste.