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Blue Book

A publication that establishes the correct form of case citations or of references to a legal authority showing where information can be found. A volume that explains the organization of a state government and provides the names of state officials. The proper title is "The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation." In a generic sense, this term also refers to a report issued by the Joint Committee on Taxation regarding recent tax legislation.

The Blue Book is published by the Harvard Law Review Association in conjunction with law review journals in Yale University, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania. It has been the preeminent authority on proper citation form for more than 70 years.



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Kelley Blue Book, the trusted resource for used and new car information, invites consumers to use its name and seal to help sell their vehicles.
Up to now we've seen buyers shifting from large SUVs to small or mid-size SUVs as fuel prices have risen, but that could change dramatically if gasoline prices cross consumer pain thresholds," said Kelley Blue Book editorial director Jack Nerad.
Under the new extended terms, Kelley Blue Book will provide Autobytel with additional Blue Book([R]) values, vehicle specification data and award-winning proprietary editorial content, in addition to the used-car Blue Book([R]) values already displayed across Autobytel's various Internet properties.
To discuss this topic or any other automotive-related information with a Kelley Blue Book analyst on-camera via the company's on-site studio, please contact a member of the Public Relations team to book an interview.
Both Kelley Blue Book and CARCHEX have a common goal of providing information and peace-of-mind to car buyers.
The Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards are designed to provide a significant service to new-car buyers by identifying the cream of the crop of all available 2016 model-year vehicles.
RiechesBaird's branding and integrated marketing teams will assist Kelley Blue Book and kbb.
com has generally decreased after an initial surge in interest for Volkswagen diesel models, likely because of the stop-sell and negative press," said Arthur Henry, senior manager of Strategic Insights for Kelley Blue Book.
Price Confidence - Participating dealers guarantee to offer consumers a price at or below the Kelley Blue Book New Car Blue Book(R) Value.
Mobile phone technology offers enhanced convenience and connectivity for consumers, but it is increasingly a source of distraction on the road," said Arthur Henry, senior manager of Strategic Insights for Kelley Blue Book.
Preferred vehicle pricing and price confidence - Consumers are assured a fair-market price - guaranteed at or below the Kelley Blue Book New Car Blue Book(R) Value.