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KCRC extents CRC to kernel space to improve the nonlinear classification ability.
Furthermore, determining the optimal number of independent components in the kernel space and identifying which variable causes the process fault should be considered in future work.
There are ways to make it easier for user-space programs to do things normally done in kernel space that do not involve microkernels.
where [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the mean vector of the ith partition samples in kernel space H and [phi]([x.
With the kernel trick, nonlinear relationships among data are transformed into linear relationships in the high-dimensional kernel space.
RTAI runs under Linux kernel space and due to its integrated scheduling policies it allows real time applications to be executed in a preemptive hard real-time environment [2].
I'm sure we made the right decision with Linux to do as little as possible in the kernel space.
ShaoLin Microsystems (booth R2) will introduce CogoFS, a Linux-based stackable compression file system with ShaoLin's Kypectec compression engine that works in the kernel space, which delivers high performance, easy migration and reliability, saving server disk space and speeding network traffic by storing files in compressed form at the server.
The Fisher's Criterion in kernel space U [member of] f is to find argument that maximizes the following: