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Although trademark law is still developing and adapting to the unique challenges presented by the Internet, simply being aware of issues like keyword advertising and domain name cybersquatting is an important first step to reducing the risk of infringing another party's trademark and to protecting one's own trademarks from infringement.
Once again, in 2009, a law regulating keyword advertising was introduced--HB450.
Utah has been virtually alone, among states, in enacting legislation regulating keyword advertising.
The law of keyword advertising is so new and the courts so conflicted that the state would almost certainly spend large sums defending the law.
HB450 was, arguably, special interest legislation, heavily pushed by Utah company 1-800 CONTACTS, which has filed a number of lawsuits relating to keyword advertising.
Chang previously co-founded Flyswat, a keyword advertising network, where they served as CEO and CTO until that company's successful acquisition.
As a result, Endeca-powered businesses can increase page views, customer acquisition, and revenue, while reducing dependence on expensive pay-per-click and keyword advertising programs.
Implementing an SEO strategy that takes advantage of our investment in Endeca has generated enough new business that we had to cut back on pay-per-click keyword advertising in order to support the increased volume.
Indeed's job advertising network is the first of its kind and differs both from typical pay-per-click keyword advertising systems of general search engines like Google and Yahoo and from the conventional pay-per-listing classified advertising model.
Search engine marketing, also known as keyword advertising or Pay-per-Click represents a revenue opportunity that is already ubiquitous on the Internet.
In addition, the dCloak Beta enables users to jumpstart their online keyword advertising campaigns by recommending high-quality keywords and compound phrases for use on Google AdWords and Overture quickly and easily.
AdVario's TargeText(TM) optimization engine seamlessly integrates content with contextual and keyword advertising.